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December 15, 2010
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Crystal and Bakunetsumaru by CoreBelote Crystal and Bakunetsumaru by CoreBelote
My part of an art trade with a very good artist. I made a mistake the first time around by drawing the wrong character of hers, something that I took care of not to do this time around.

Here are Bakunetsumaru and Crystal just sitting on a stone wall as someone snaps a photo of them. Unfortunately someone decided to run right into frame at the last second.

Crystal (c) Dark Dragon Girl / TDAT-CrystalDragon
Bakunetsumaru (c) Sunrise & Bandai
Genkimaru (c) Sunrise & Bandai
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so cute! :3 dangit... i want a popsicle!!! D:
Thanks. :3

It is watermelon flavoured. :D Hehehee~
oh my, that sounds good, lol.
ThisMechaJunkie Dec 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Silly Genkimaru. :XD:

I dig their expressions. :D I love how Crystal seems to be enjoying the view. ;P
Oh she is very happy with the nice day outside, and an ice cream/pop. And the extra treat of Baku. :)
DarkDragonGirl Dec 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Yay! It is colored! I really love how this came out! The lineart looks great, I love how straight the lines are. Love the coloring as well, everything looks so smooth. And I love the clouds in the background. =3 And I was curious as to what the object in the lower right corner was when I was looking at the sketch version, and now I see who it is. XDD Oh that Genkimaru, getting into trouble as always. :XD:

And I love how Crystal's checking Baku out (and without his main armor, wonder what he's doing without it? Sunbathing? :XD:) Hurry up and eat your ice cream Crys or Genkimaru's going to eat it. :p

Thank you so much for doing a trade with me! I love it! :glomp: ^^
It was a lot of fun doing this trade. ^n_n^ I am glad you like it.

I like to make things look a bit like a photograph, and putting Genkimaru in there just being himself and doing what kids seem to do a lot... run right into frame at the last second. xD Baku just sitting and cloud watching ( or whatever he is doing, even I'm not sure. xD ) without any armour on was fun to draw. Always see him with his armour on, but there are so few with his armour off. Took some digging to find source material for it, but I lucked out with the DVD's I have. :P

The clouds were a lot of fun to make. I don't get to draw background elements often, so it was a treat to put some into this. ^n_n^ Oh, and as for the ice cream/pop that Crystal has, I figured that Watermelon would be an interesting one. ;P
Darn spazzy sparklings running around.

Is very cute Core! Looks like Baku is lost in thought of something
He is, or cloud watching. xD Hard to tell with him. :3
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